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The Company 
Total Security, LLC was developed to offer a variety of security based trainings, personal protection products and other safety services to residential and Commercial customers. Our team of highly qualified trainers, law enforcement and security professionals are actively working together to offer you a piece of mind!  

**PLEASE NOTE** NRA has changed the Basic Pistol Course
For the details click "Basic Pistol Course" below!

Basic Pistol Course 

Level II Advanced Concealment course

Level III Advanced Tactical course
(For course descriptions "Click here")

Keep your family protected today!


A word from our owner:   

A big part of our company's mission is to offer exceptional security products and services at an affordable price to you.  As we continue to push for growth in 2016, watch for our new line of products and services. These products and services will continue to help you protect yourself, your business, and most importantly your family.  

Talk to you all soon!

        - Sam J Abdo 
          Owner/Certified NRA Instructor

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