Secure your home and business     
                 with exceptional security products and services
The Company 
Total Security, LLC was developed to offer exceptional training and services to protect yourself in today's ever changing world. A team of qualified trainers, law enforcement and security professionals are actively working together to offer you a variety of exceptional business, personal protection products and services to offer you a piece of mind! 

Spring is right around the corner and its time!
Now Registering for March 29th and April 26th                Basic Pistol Course!!! 
Get your Certificate of completion for the Basic Pistol Course required for your CPL (Carrying Pistol License)

Have your CPL and want advance training?
(Level II Advanced Tactical Concealment course!!)

Non-lethal Pepper Spray Sale!
Get your family protected today!


Our team is dedicated and highly motivated to carry out its mission by providing you with the training and tools to protect yourself, your assets and most importantly your family. Let Total Security, LLC educate and help keep you protected.


 Sam J Abdo

Owner/Certified NRA Pistol Instructor 

                     Call us today! (517)-481-5481

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